What Is An Eagle Rock Home?

Here's our elevator pitch: We always start with a rock-solid commitment to creating a sound structure, and finish with confidence in the more subtle details of design and style. Our passion for doing it right is what's driven every decision, adaptation & "better idea" for the last eighteen years... And It's working.


Creating a well-crafted shelter for your business is good business

And Eagle Rock has played a roll in profit-oriented expansion with clients across a broad spectrum, with every kind of budgets.

A Team of Professionals

We partner with the best professional talent in all the mechanical and specialty trades. Eagle Rock craftsmen work in concert with local resources in both the government and private sector to oversee the details of each step and component of building a structure. Every hands-on contributor to the building process, from start to finish, is licensed and insured.


At Eagle Rock, we're always looking for ways to build better... with better bones, no matter what we're building. – Eric